The History

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SMK Muhammadiyah is one of the vocational schools are engaged in the technology, which stands on the initiative of the Regional Leadership Muhammadiyah Pekalongan (Pimpinan Daerah Muhammadiyah Pekalongan) the establishment of Decision letter (SK) No: 018/c/Kep/183, date: February 23, 1983.

Establishment of this school came from Bahari Foundation grant (STM Baita Cipta) on January 8, 1977. STM Baita Cipta was originally reserved  two departments of Electrical Engineering and Ship Machinery,  after  STM Muhammadiyah was under the leadership of the first Principal Mr. Sugiri (1977 - 1983) changed the major to General Mechanical and Electrical. This lasted until 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Ir. Abu Bakar (1983 - 1990) and Drs.  Roeskamto (1990 - 1995), then starting in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Wardhiyanto (1995-2005) and appropriate development of the national curriculum changed to three courses (subjects) are: Automotive, Machine Tools, and Electrical Installation.


In  2005 as the initiative of the new leadership of Drs. Indrato had a new department of Automotive Body Repair.


Not only in terms of infrastructure facilities are improved, but also in terms of management not to miss, as evidenced by the results of accreditation was being made good enough.

Accreditation I (February 10, 1989) the result was Recognized

Accreditation II (January 17, 1994) the result was  Recognized

Accreditation III (28 April 2004) the result was B (good)

Accreditation IV (October 2007) the result was A (Very Good) for Program of Automotive and Machine Engineering, and it  was B (good) for Program Utilization of Electric Power Engineering and Automotive Body Repair.

Besides that, in the academic year 2004 - 2005 was nominated by the Director General of the Center for National Standard School (SBN). In this year also opened flagship class (class model) Entrepreneurship. In the year 2008 - 2009 was nominated for a pilot of international standardized school.

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